Tips on keeping your feet warm during the night

25th November 2016

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You’ve put on your cosiest pyjamas, you’re wrapped up in your thickest duvet and the heating’s on full blast, but, your feet are still freezing cold? It’s a common problem, especially in women, who are 9 times more likely to suffer from cold feet. Cold feet can be down to medical reasons such as poor circulation or simply due to the colder winter months. There are some simple ways to go about keeping your feet warm during the night, so, what do you do?

Stock up on warm accessories

Not any kind of socks will do, wool socks are guaranteed to keep your feet warm during the night, more so than cotton or polyester. Wool has unique temperature regulating properties, it both repels and absorbs water and acts as a heat insulator, making it perfect for keeping your toes toastie. For extra heat, warm your socks up by putting them on the radiator before wearing them. Also, make sure your socks are loose enough to be comfortable – tight socks will reduce blood flow around the feet and end up making them colder.

Turn the heat up

Place a hot water bottle under your feet when you first get into bed, this will offer some instant heat, don’t forget to put a hot water bottle cover on – as to not burn your feet. Try giving your toes a warm bath in the tub before you jump into bed to bump up their temperature.

Get moving

Move around or exercise your feet up by pointing and wriggling your toes, this will help your circulation and get your feet warmed up in no time. If you have bare feet, try massaging them with some foot cream to help circulation, then you’re ready to put on your warm socks.

Find a furry collection

There’s nothing better than a furry friend to sit on your feet to warm them up. Dogs or cats, they’re the friendly alternative to a hot water bottle!

Drink up

When you’re dehydrated your hands and feet get colder as your skin becomes dry and fails to maintain heat. Drinking lots of water will help keep you hydrated and hopefully your hands and feet warmer.

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