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Since 1840, sleep has been our craft. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries to redefine the perfect night’s sleep, which has allowed us to become the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world. From growing natural fibres on our farm to developing our own spring technology, we ensure our customers get the very best.

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A mattress is an important investment, so from your initial research to when in the showroom, each step should be carried out carefully ensuring you get the best possible night’s sleep at the end.

  1. 1 Do your research
  2. 2 Visit a showroom
  3. 3 Try before you buy
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With a collection to suit all needs and budgets, one thing you can be sure of is you’ll always be sleeping on some of the finest natural materials, blissfully supported by thousands of tiny pocket springs.

Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks has been making beds since 1840. Mattresses are tailored to you and come in any size, firmness and fabric of your choice. That’s why Harrison Spinks are the original Bed Tailors.

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Barn Conversion Bed 042


Somnus mattresses have been constantly improved and perfected through design and innovation, dating right back to 1840. Let Somnus take you on a journey to create your own truly unique sleep sanctuary.

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We also supply our own-label mattresses to a number of retailers, such as John Lewis, Feather & Black, Furniture Village, Dreams, and many more throughout the country.

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These are the sheep that we rear on our farm

Just 18 miles from our Leeds factory is Hornington Manor, a 300-acre farm where we breed the sheep and produce the crops that fill our mattresses. So we don’t just make beds, we grow them.

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This is our workshop, where we coil every spring

We’re the inventors of world-leading micro pocket spring technology, and are constantly looking for the next big thing. That’s because we know that our springs are what make our mattresses, so we’d best do it right.

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Where we weave, stitch & tuft

Our business is a family one, and we’ve passed down the skills of our craft from generation to generation. We only make the very best beds, using the finest natural fillings and innovative pocket spring technology and of course, everything is finished by hand.

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