Comfort. Crafted.

At Somnus, our craftsmen aren’t just bed experts, they are sleep specialists. Our team use their traditional craftsmanship skills to produce a superior level of comfort in every one of our bespoke beds.

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The attention to detail is second to none. From the fine workmanship and skilful hand side-stitching involved in creating our high-end mattresses, to the latest in pocket spring technology, every part of a Somnus bed is made right here by us.

Tradition. Reborn.

We have revived the art of weaving and brought the tradition back to Britain. By invested in state of the art weaving looms for our Yorkshire based manufacturing facility, we are able to weave the finest quality mattress fabric for our beds. Not only are we moving the art of bed making forward, we’re bringing back the things that matter.

When it comes to designing sleep, we take care of every detail.

Simons Spinks, Business Owner and Master bed maker

Introducing sensa intelligent pocket springs

Introducing Sensa Intelligent pocket springs, the latest piece of innovation at the heart of our beds. This innovative technology ensures you always maintain the perfect sleeping posture.

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