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History & Heritage: over 175 years of luxurious comfort

2nd June 2016


Somnus stands for everything that’s good in traditional British manufacturing. Established in 1840 by the Rhodes family, we have remained true to Somnus’ original principles to this day. Proud of our long Somnus history, rich heritage and Yorkshire roots, Somnus espouses time-honoured values recognised all over the world: handmade craftsmanship, the finest materials and exceptional attention to detail.

Hs History Profile Picture
Mr Rhodes

While we are known for leading the way in spring technology and innovation, at the heart of everything we do lies a commitment to our craft. This passion for manufacturing excellence is what makes a Somnus bed stand out above the rest. A Somnus bed is designed to provide the optimum in comfort and support for each individual sleeper. The end result is a better night’s sleep, with all the associated benefits to health and wellbeing.

Unlike most beds on the market, a Somnus bed is not simply assembled, it’s carefully constructed by our sleep specialists to your bespoke specifications. Luxurious natural fillings are hand blended and teased using traditional methods for the breathability that keeps you cool and dry in bed. Hand-stitched sides bring additional stability and offer full support, whatever your sleeping patterns.

Hh Hand Side Stitching
Hand side stitching

By investing in a Somnus bed, you can enjoy the benefits of these traditional skills, while at the same time helping to keep them alive for future generations. Because hand-made beds are more labour intensive than those that come off an automated assembly line, you are also helping to support British employment and the economy.

A Somnus bed is also the perfect choice for anyone who values our natural environment. We are committed to environmentally friendly production processes wherever possible. Mattress fillings, including Yorkshire Dales Eco Wool, hemptex and flax, are sourced from our very own farm, located a few miles from our Yorkshire based manufacturing facility, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint. In recent years, we have focused on re-establishing many of our production processes in house. For example, we don’t only make our high performance springs in-house, we also manufacture the wire that goes into them at our own wire drawing facility in Leeds. Indeed our commitment to innovation and the environment was recognised in 2013, when we became the first bed manufacturer ever to receive a Queen’s Award for Enterprise – both in the category of Sustainable Development and that of Innovation.

By keeping our heritage of traditional handmade excellence at the forefront of our manufacturing process, we are able to design each and every Somnus bed to suit the specific needs of the individual customer. It is this distinct point of difference that makes a Somnus bed as unique as those who sleep on it.

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