Event Steward

We are looking for positive, professional & outgoing individuals to undertake the role of ‘Event Steward’ which is an integral part of our Event Team at The Motorist.

Main Duties:

  • Provide excellent customer service / care.
  • Assist in carrying out pre-event checks.
  • Attend pre-event briefings and be familiar with location layout, facilitates and emergency procedures.
  • Assist with ticket checking, queue management and aid in ensuring an even flow of members of the public in to the event / venue.
  • Monitor crowds for any signs of disturbance, incidents and overcrowding.
  • Respond and assist with any emergency situation as required that may arise.
  • As an event steward you will be crossed trained in all areas of the event for your role may vary from speed warden to gate keeper, parking attendant & more within in the same event.

Send your CV and covering letter stating why you are interested in this role and outline the expertise you could offer if you were successful with your application to: talent@harrisonspinks.co.uk

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