Apprentice Side Stitcher

Harrison Spinks have an opportunity for an Apprentice Side Stitcher to join the business.

Once qualified the Side Stitcher will:

  • Be able to sew a mattress to a high quality standard
  • Meet Side Stitch production targets
  • Meet daily deadlines for mattress output
  • Attach the border to a spring using a side stitch needle to reinforce the edge of the mattress ensuring the side stitching is consistent
  • Quality check each product they produce

Additional skills taught throughout the apprenticeship training:

  • Spring making; Prepare work area, set up machine for appropriate spring type & size and produce springs to the required specification
  • Tape edging; Prepare work area, set up machinery, select materials and carry out tape edging. Tape edging is the final process in mattress making. It involves closing the mattress up by the application of a tape using a sewing machine
  • Panel cutting; Prepare and cut fabric and components used for panels. Understand and use any machinery used in this process
  • Sewing borders/labels; Identify and sort components. Sew materials to specification
  • Mattress assembly; Assemble mattresses using appropriate components such as spring units and fillings to agreed standards. This will involve the use of equipment such as staple guns.
  • Tufting; Tuft mattresses to appropriate pattern and standard

Send your CV and covering letter stating why you are interested in this role and outline the expertise you could offer if you were successful with your application to:

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