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This is not simply about getting to sleep. This is for all things that a bed should be; a home of solace for drowsy heads, a place for dreams and thinkers; a tranquil place to contemplate the day just gone and rejuvenate and repair for the next. 

Mattress only prices from £1,235



  • 100% British New Wool
  • Hand-teased Cashmere Wool - softer & stronger
  • Mohair - the finest of textures
  • Hand-teased Horsehair - for added bounce & resilience


  • Revolution Pocket Springs - a supportive core
  • HD Springs - contours to your body
  • Calico pockets - super-soft bounce
  • NaturCoil pockets - plant-based pocket cloth


  • HD Airflow - breathable springs
  • Chemical-Free Mattress Fabric - woven in-house

More than just a bed

A mattress as unique as you are:

  • The beauty of a Spink & Edgar mattress means that only the very best will do. And we want you to be truly satisfied with your unique purchase. Only on the Spink & Edgar range do we offer customers the opportunity to specify and supply their own fabrics to make them truly bespoke to complement their interior design schemes. Please note, all fabrics supplied must pass the British Standards for fire retardancy and be provided with the correct certification. For more information, please speak to your Spink & Edgar retailer. 

  • Our Chairman, Peter Spinks, personally pledges that every Spink & Edgar bed is built without compromise, using the best materials available, by the most skilled craftsmen, using time honoured skills passed down through five generations.

    To demonstrate our confidence in these high standards, Peter, or another member of our executive board will personally sign off your Spink & Edgar as it is about to be dispatched to you. We are also proud to offer a full lifetime guarantee against any default occurring through faulty workmanship or materials. Please note, we still recommend that you change your mattress every 7 – 10 years. The guarantee covers the lifetime of the mattress. 

  • Not only do we offer a life time guarantee against poor workmanship or component failure, but eventually, when you feel the need to update your Spink & Edgar, we will take your old mattress back and fully recycle it, to get environmental value from it. The organic material is converted into energy to power the factory, and fertiliser to spread on the fields to help grow the next generation of Spink & Edgar mattresses.

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