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The Spink & Edgar heritage – generations of dedicated bed makers for whom only the best will do.

Early in 1885, 23-year-old Arthur Spink, a bed maker with Joseph Longley, decided to start his own business. He joined forces with 44-year-old John Edgar, a salesman, and began trading from 60 Carlton Cross Street, Leeds, as Spink & Edgar. Arthur Spink was a hard task master; he would never compromise on quality and he knew the value of good workmanship. He built all his beds by hand and it is said that he never made a bed that he would not sleep on himself; a philosophy that has carried through to the present day.

Arthur finally retired in 1927 leaving the company to his one-time apprentice, Albert Harrison. He was joined by Albert Parker, who learned his trade at another famous Leeds firm, the bedding House of Rhodes, makers of Somnus. The two became partners when the business was incorporated in 1933. When Albert Harrison retired in 1937, Albert Parker continued, later to be succeeded by his son in law Ron Spinks and his grandson, Peter Spinks the current chairman. His great grandson Simon Spinks is today in charge of the day-to-day running of the business. Simon’s son Daniel Spinks could well be destined to carry Arthur Spink’s heritage of fine bed making into a sixth generation.

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Peter, Simon & Dan Spinks