Harrison Spinks Farm

Harrison Spinks Farm

If you want a job done right, we believe it really is best to do it yourself. That’s why in 2009 we settled into a new home at the Harrison Spinks farm, a 300-acre farm just 18 miles from our Leeds factory that gave us the freedom to do more things the way we wanted to.

Benefits of our farm

Natural fillings

When it comes to crafting a great night’s sleep, natural is best for wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature. Having our own farm allows us to produce natural fillings that are used in many of our mattresses and in ways that we know guarantee excellence and without the use of pesticides.

Sustainable practices

Using locally grown natural fibre crops of hemp and flax as well as wool lessens the impact on the environment by dramatically reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. So growing our own natural materials isn’t just the correct thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.

Nurturing the environment

Our farm isn’t for profit, which means we can make decisions that benefit the wildlife who share it with us. We work closely with the RSPB and Natural England to make sure the ecosystem on our farm doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

Supporting Yorkshire business

Our farm can’t yield enough crops for all our mattresses; we need a helping hand. We’re proud of our Yorkshire roots, so we source additional wool from the British Wool Marketing Board in Bradford and hemp crops from other local Yorkshire farmers.

Growing hemp

We always get a few raised eyebrows when we talk about our hemp crops, but its resilience and durability make it the perfect natural fibre for our mattresses. Our hemp and flax crops produce super absorbent fibres, that help to absorb moisture from the mattress while you sleep, keeping you cool and dry.

Environmentally friendly

Our rich Yorkshire soil and climate create the perfect conditions to grow hemp and flax linen from seed, and growing it locally significantly reduces the impact on the environment. Plus, the fibres are 100% recyclable at the end of the mattress’ life. Instead of asking ‘why hemp?’, a better question is ‘why not?’

The wide variety of habitat management on the farm greatly improves the biodiversity of the area, the results of which can be seen from the thriving wildlife in and around the farm.
Richard Bramley Local farmer and farm consultant

Life on the farm

Want to know more?

Read more about our sustainable commitment across the wider business away from the farm.

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