The Adam Henson Collection


In this sumptuous Pillowtop mattress rare breed and indigenous wools from Cotswold farms are combined with luxurious Egyptian cotton, mohair and home-grown flax in a mattress with the addition of a sumptuous pillowtop layer that you sleep in, rather than on, providing the ultimate in comfort. A spring count of 20300 consisting of an innovative Cortec™ Natural Calico pocket springs working alongside innovative HD Micro and Microlution Airflow springs close to the sleeping surface for the ultimate in support. With three rows of side stitching and finished with an in-woven ChemFRee sleeping surface for a natural night’s sleep.

A celebration of British farming and sustainability. Designed by innovation, built by tradition, with rare breed Cotswold wool, the Adam Henson collection celebrates craftsmanship at the highest levels.

  • Comfort from natural fillings

    We pride ourselves on the luxuriously sustainable fillings used in our hand-made mattresses.

  • Superior award-winning support

    Featuring award-winning, 100% recyclable Cortec™ springs. Zero to landfill.

  • For your health and wellbeing

    Manufactured by the world’s most sustainable bed manufacturer. No glue, foam or FR chemicals are used.

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