At Harrison Spinks innovation is something that we pride ourselves on and it is the continuous investment in technology which has allowed us to become the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world. Our dedication to continually investing in technology, was even recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2013, when we were awarded two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, one for Innovation and the other for Sustainable Development

Our hand-made luxury beds are known for their state of the art core springs and unrivalled pocket spring technology. Not only are all the springs we use manufactured on-site in Leeds, we also have a dedicated team of engineers who design and build the machinery on-site too. This ensures that we have complete control over what exactly is going into our beds, and also means we can push the boundaries in the way of bed technology.

We didn’t stop at just producing springs; in 2014 we even began drawing our own wire from steel rod. This has allowed us to produce thinner wire than is commercially available within the market, and has consequently enabled us to produce smaller springs. Our wire drawing line and drum coiler facilitates the drawing of wire as fine as 0.5mm diameter. High carbon steel wire with diameters this fine is very difficult to purchase commercially due to the complexity of production. This has enabled us to produce the smallest spring and the finest wire currently being used anywhere in the bed market, known as our 4K springs. Producing in house means we are able stay well ahead of our competition and keep pushing the limits of what is possible.

Not only do we use these micro pocket springs in our mattresses for ultimate targeted support, but it has meant Harrison Spinks can venture beyond beds. For example, Spink & Edgar Upholstery has removed between 60-80% of the usual contents of a sofa and replaced it with our award-winning pocket spring technology and natural fibres, resulting in a revolutionary range of sofas.

We have also expanded into cot mattresses with the development of Harrison Spinks Baby. Our innovative spring technology has led to the creation of BabySprings® which are the world’s smallest baby-sized pocket springs on the cot mattress market. These one of a kind BabySprings® are more targeted and flexible than adult springs and offer essential support to your baby during the early years and as they grow. Without being able to draw our own wire – it wouldn’t be possible to create such minute BabySprings®.

Beyond beds and upholstery our Components division have even developed a range of unique pocket sprung trainers. SPRINGURU contain 34 micro pocket springs in the mid sole of each show, providing unparalleled levels of comfort and support.

Our smallest 4K springs don’t find their way in the beds we make without rigorous testing. On site in Leeds we have a state of the art lab where we carry out testing, this allows us to monitor the quality of every product we produce and continually innovate.

With constant innovation and testing, it is exciting to see where Harrison Spinks will be in a couple of years’ time.

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