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So what makes a hybed mattress?

Hybed mattresses are a unique combination of industry-leading technology, put together in our unique way, that make our hybrid mattresses unlike any other. 

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They all have micro pocket springs to cradle your body, some have memory flex which adjusts to your own unique shape for support, and some have Talalay latex for the dreamiest amount of pressure relief and buoyancy. Plus, they're all topped with a 100% natural blend of cotton and wool for a sleep surface that regulates your body temperature, and wicks away moisture.

The dreamiest of materials.

Memory Flex

The memory flex in our mattresses is layered above thousands of pocket springs. This allows the bed to adjust to the weight of your body, providing active relief around pressure points for true comfort all night long.

Talalay latex

Talalay latex is a natural material layered in our mattresses to enhance temperature control and provide even deeper comfort. It’s antimicrobial and breathable, and its open cell structure promotes air circulation helping the mattress to stay fresh and healthy. Oh, and thanks to latex’s elastic make up, it’s highly durable too.

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Mattress shown: ultimate hybrid U/14000 Luxury

Conquer your dreams.


The combination of pocket springs and layered microcoils in our mattresses keeps your spine neutral, whether you're sleeping on your back, front or side. Find which mattress gives you the right posture by trying our three levels of firmness: Comfort, Support & Luxury.


Together with Talalay latex and memory flex, our titanium-alloy micro coil pocket springs are expertly designed to relieve pressure where your body needs it.


Memory foam mattresses typically retain body heat. By topping ours with a natural blend of cotton and wool, the sleep surface wicks moisture away from your body and promotes airflow, so you don't get too hot at night.

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Natural comes out on top.

That’s why we top our mattresses with a 100% natural blend of cotton and wool.

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