Ultimate Hybrid®

Combining the very best in mattress technology, the Ultimate Hybrid® features our unique pocket spring core with layers of Talalay latex and memory flex, enhanced with layers of micro pocket springs. Topped with a cotton and wool blend for a 100% natural sleep surface.

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  • The combination of pocket springs and layered micro coils in our mattresses keeps your spine neutral, whether you're sleeping on your back, front or side.


  • Together with Memory flex, our titanium-alloy micro coil pocket springs are expertly designed to relieve pressure where your body needs it.


  • By topping our mattresses with a natural blend of cotton and wool. the sleep surface wicks moisture away from your body and promotes airflow, so you don't get too hot in the night.

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  • Our springs are so special we have them patented. They’re a unique low-height micro coil created by drawing steel rod into ultra-fine wire. By doing this at our factory right here in the UK, we can make sure they’re of the highest quality. It also means we can make them small enough that they contour to your body and support you evenly.

  • The memory flex in our mattresses is layered above thousands of pocket springs. This allows the bed to adjust to the weight of your body, providing active relief around pressure points for true comfort all night long.

    Talalay latex is antimicrobial and and breathable, and it’s open cell structure promotes air circulation helping the mattress to stay fresh and healthy. Oh and thanks to latex’s elastic make up, it’s highly durable too.

  • If you had a choice of wearing a polyester t‑shirt or a cotton one, which would you choose? Cotton would win. It’s more breathable, more comfortable and more natural. When it comes to what you sleep on, the same thinking applies. That’s why we top our mattresses with a 100% natural blend of cotton and wool.

    The natural fabric that covers our sleep surface is created by weaving a high quality damask so tightly that it’s naturally fire retardant, meaning no chemicals. Because when we say that a natural sleep surface matters, we mean it.

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