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Welcome to our sleep lab.

We create all the parts we put inside our hybrid mattresses in our very own sleep lab. 

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From the springs, made by stretching and coiling our own special wire, to the natural fillings, which we blend ourselves and the fabric which we weave on our very own looms. It's a process we're proud of. It means by the time you get your brand new mattress, it's created to the highest standards possible.

It’s our dream to make sure you do.

Micro coils that put a spring in your step

Our springs are so special we have them patented. They're a unique low-height micro coil created by drawing steel rod into ultra-fine wire. By doing this at our factory here in the UK, we can make sure they're of the highest quality. It also means we can make them small enough that they contour to your body and can support you evenly.

Our pocket springs are expertly designed to move independently, allowing them to respond to different body weights. If you are your partner are different sizes for example, they'll be no rolling into the middle of the bed during the night, ensuring you both wake up feeling refreshed.

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What makes a hybed mattress?

Click here to understand how our lab have developed the unique formula for the perfect hybrid mattresses. 

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