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Natural always comes out on top.

If you had a choice of wearing a polyester t-shirt, or a cotton one, which would you choose? Cotton would win. It’s more breathable, more comfortable and more natural. 

When it comes to what you sleep on, the same thinking applies.

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We top all of our mattresses with a 100% natural blend of cotton and wool.

These materials cleverly wick away moisture while you sleep and help it evaporate, regulating your body temperature. Plus, they promote much better airflow throughout the mattress keeping it healthy for longer.

Nature Hybed Detail 001

Zero chemicals.

The natural fabric that covers our sleep surface is created by weaving a high quality damask so tightly that it's naturally fire retardant, meaning no chemicals. Because when we say that a natural sleep surface matters, we mean it.

Nature Hybed Detail 005
Super Hybed Close Angle 002

Expertly designed pocket springs.

Our springs are so special we have them patented. They’re a unique low-height micro coil created by drawing steel rod into ultra-fine wire.

Our technology