Finishing touches

Hybed mattresses can be used on your own bedframe, or you can add finishing touches by adding a headboard and divan base with a variety of storage options, all made-to-order in an assortment of fabrics. 


Make your mattress the focal point of your bedroom by selecting one of our three hero headboards. 

Bed 3

Divan bases

Support your new hybed mattress on our beautifully handcrafted platform divan. Of course, all mattresses are suitable for use on bedframes too. 

Bed 1


Adding drawers to your divan base means you can make the most of under bed storage. A number of options allow larger standard sized drawers or continental options can be added to enable easy access in front of a bedside table. 

Bed 2

Stylish fabrics

Hybed’s neutral fabric shades give a contemporary feel to any room and are a great base for any colour scheme. 

Please note that fabrics may be subject to change as we introduce new fabric options to the range. Please refer to the swatch book in store for exact colour references. Hybed fabrics are only available on headboards and divans in the Hybed range and purchased in conjunction with a Hybed mattress.