Harrison Spinks Turn Free

Bermuda 6,900

Posturfil 1000 Spring System, Wool Viscose Blend Natural Wool Blend, Flax Blend, Ecopad

Mattress only prices from £649

This Bermuda pocket spring mattress, enhanced by the durable spring-within-a-spring “Microlution technology”, has a further layer of Posturfil pocket springs to make for a deep comfortable feel. It contours perfectly to the natural curves of the spine. The sleeping surface of this Turn Free Mattress features wool and viscose, natural cotton and flax. The chemically free and sustainable mattress cover is soft to the touch.

Spring count

  • Mattress 6,900
  • Reinforced Platform Top Base N/A
  • 2500 True Edge Deep Divan 2,500

Mattress prices from

  • Single £649
  • Small Double £949
  • Double £949
  • King £1,099
  • King Zip & Link £1,249
  • Super King £1,349
  • Super King Zip & Link £1,499
  • Bespoke POA