Harrison Spinks Turn Free

Aruba 5,200

Mircolution Spring System, Wool Viscose Blend, Natural Cotton Blend, Hemp Blend, Ecopad.

Mattress only prices from £529

A combination of pocket springs and durable spring-within-a-spring “Microlution technology” ensure a firmer but very comfortable feel even though three firmness options ensure correct spinal alignment. The sleeping surface of this Turn Free Mattress features wool and viscose , natural cotton and hemp grown at Hornington Manor, the Harrison Spinks farm. Most customers select the Aruba with the firmer, reinforced platform top base.

Spring count

  • Mattress 5,200
  • Reinforced Platform Top Base N/A
  • 2500 True Edge Deep Divan 2,500

Mattress prices from

  • Single £529
  • Small Double £679
  • Double £679
  • King £729
  • King Zip & Link £929
  • Super King £929
  • Super King Zip & Link £1,129
  • Bespoke POA