Harrison Spinks Seasonal Turn

Solitaire 28,800

Angora Wool Blend, Cashmere Wool and Wool Blend, Wool and Silk Blend, Hand-teased Blend with Yorkshire Wool, Cashmere hair and white Curled Hair, Egyptian Cotton and Silk Blend

Mattress only prices from £4,629

The Solitaire 28,800 is the ultimate expression of luxury in a bed. It has our unique ‘nested’ Revolution spring system at its core, boosted by 10 layers of tiny HD titanium alloy springs, creating a total of 26,300 independently working springs. These help distribute weight evenly and minimise pressure on the body, which can cause sleep disturbance. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support. Woollen tufts secure the spring units to the sumptuous layers of upholstery. There is angora wool blend, cashmere wool and silk blend, Egyptian cotton and silk blend, and hand-teased Yorkshire wool, cashmere hair and white curled hair. These are all kept in place with no less than five rows of hand side-stitching and finished with the finest damask, which creates the most exquisite of sleeping surfaces and the soundest of sleeps.

*From April 2018 the base supplied will be a True Edge 2500.

Spring count

  • Mattress 26,300
  • Base 2,500
  • System 28,800

Mattress prices from

  • Single £4,629
  • Small Double £6,529
  • Double £6,529
  • King £7,879
  • Superking £9,599
  • King Zip & Link £8,999
  • Superking Zip & Link £10,279
  • Bespoke POA