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Mattress buying guide: What is a pocket spring mattress?

10th September 2018

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We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep, and achieving your perfect night’s sleep should begin with a good quality mattress. You need to take the time to make sure the mattress is right for you, but with so many different mattress types on the market, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. One of the first questions you may find yourself asking is, what is a pocket spring mattress?

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So, what is a pocket spring mattress?

A pocket spring mattress contains individual springs which are sewn into their own pocket of fabric. A pocket spring mattress will typically have a higher spring count than other types of mattresses and these individual springs work completely independently from one another. This ensures the springs support you where you need it the most

Open coil mattress vs pocket spring mattress

Open coil mattresses are typically mass produced and at the budget-end of the mattress market. The springs within an open coil mattress are linked together by one piece of wire, meaning that the springs are not able to move independently from one another, unlike a pocket spring mattress. The open coil springs move as one unit, so moving around in the night is likely to disturb your partner.

By contrast, the springs in a pocket spring mattress work completely independently from one another. This allows you to re-position yourself on your mattress without causing disturbance to your partner beside you.

Memory foam mattress vs pocket spring mattress

A memory foam mattress is an alternative to a pocket spring mattress, whereby the heat of your body softens the memory foam, allowing your body shape to mould the mattress. This may provide your body with support but memory foam retains its heat and doesn’t allow your body to breathe. Memory foam often causes you to get hot whilst you sleep, especially in the warmer months, leading to a restless night’s sleep.

Our Sensa Intelligent pocket springs are layered into every Somnus mattress, and they ensure you are fully supported through the night. The innovative spring system contours to your body as you shift position through the night, providing a supportive and responsive alternative to a memory foam mattress. Plus you won’t overheat! Every Somnus mattress uses 100% natural fillings including flax and Yorkshire Eco Wool which we produce at our own farm. These natural materials have inherent temperature regulating properties, allowing you to remain cool throughout the night.

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Why pick a Somnus pocket spring mattress?

At the heart of every Somnus bed are our innovative Sensa Intelligent pocket springs. This tiered spring system is unique to Somnus and with mattresses featuring up to 32,000 springs, the sleeper’s weight is distributed across a higher number of independent pocket springs. This ensures you maintain the perfect sleeping posture whilst you rest and reduces the build-up of pressure points. Our innovative spring technology is key to offering ultimate comfort and support whilst you sleep.

We also ensure excellence by only ever creating the best quality beds and mattresses. This is achieved through our state of the art lab, where we carry out rigorous testing to ensure the strength and durability of our pocket spring mattresses are only the greatest. All testing is carried out in-house and to the highest British and European standards.

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To discover our range of pocket sprung beds and mattresses, please visit Our Beds page.