Together, we’re changing the way the world sleeps

Since 2009, we’ve been striving to find more sustainable ways of working, so we can look after our planet for future generations. Knowing we’re doing the right thing means we can all rest easy.

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise - Sustainable Development 2019
The Queen's Awards for Enterprise - Sustainable Development 2019
We certainly don’t do things for the sake of it; we do them because it is the right way.
Simon Spinks Managing director

Working with the planet

Natural fibres

We realised early on that using synthetic materials in our mattresses made them difficult to recycle, which didn’t quite sit right with us. We set out to make a change, and now we grow nearly 800 tonnes of natural fibre filling materials per year, including hemp, flax and wool, on our own 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire.

Supporting local businesses

Sourcing materials from local suppliers allows us to champion Yorkshire business while cutting our emissions; everybody wins. 100% of the filling materials used in our mattresses are processed on-site, of which 60% are locally sourced in the UK.

All fleeces not from our own sheep come from UK farmers in the North of England via the British Wool Marketing Board, and our additional hemp crops come from local Yorkshire farmers.

Chemical-free weaving

We’ve invested in a range of state-of-the-art looms to bring weaving back to Yorkshire, which has allowed us to develop a chemical-free mattress fabric that we weave ourselves. We use botanically sourced viscose that makes our mattresses naturally fire retardant, removing the need for chemical treatment.

Spring technology

There’s more to our springs than meets the eye. We draw our own ultra-fine wire to reduce the weight of the steel in the mattress springs, which has led to lower energy consumption and carbon emissions in production and distribution.

Our patented machines also allow us to produce smaller, more resilient springs, allowing use of 100% natural fibres and reducing settlement over time. That’s a treat for our customers, as well as the planet.

Machines of the future

We don’t just make our beds, we make the machines that make our beds. We develop and build our own ultra-fast machines on-site, which are patented and unique to the industry, and use 70% less power while working at a faster speed.

Protecting farmland

We imitate nature as closely as possible on our farm, using no fertilisers and minimising movement of heavy farm machinery to protect the historic ridge and furrow archaeological pattern established during the Middle Ages.

All cultivated fields have wide field margins sown with native grasses and wildflowers to provide food and cover for wildlife, as well as being nature corridors for wildlife to move around the farm.

Growing the movement

Saving the world is a big job, and we know we can’t do it alone. We work with our partners to spread the word about sustainable practises and improve together.

Hornington Manor

We welcome our retail partners to our 300-acre farm to learn about our sustainable practises and hemp processing, our work with Natural England and the RSPB, and how we look after our countryside and livestock. Retailers can then pass this knowledge onto customers when they come to buy their bed, communicating the importance of responsible purchasing to a much wider audience.

Innovation Centre

We’re exceptionally proud of our Innovation Centre, so we can’t resist showing it off. All visitors to our factory can get a sneak peek at how we’re continuously developing our approach to sustainable manufacturing.

Sharing knowledge

We strive wherever possible to share our manufacturing practises with other global bed companies, to empower them to make their own changes. We’ve even helped several companies develop their own 100% foam-free mattresses, and encourage other industries to reduce foams in products such as sofas, transport seating and footwear.

We look forward to a healthy, sustainable future and recognise that environmental integrity is a crucial element in what we do in improving sleep and to protect our world, now and for the generations to come.
Darren Rhodes Group manufacturing director

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