Fairford 29,400

Rare breed Cotswold wool known as The Golden Fleece provides springy, breathable support, along with fine strands of Egyptian cotton, cashmere, silk, kapok and alpaca. The generous 29400 spring count, formed of a central Cortec™ core topped with responsive Microlution and HD springs, cradles each individual sleeper through the night. The borders of your bed are kept firm with four rows of side stitching, while the ChemFRee ticking protects the mattress and allows you to breathe easy.

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Wensleydale Wool & Viscose Blend, Golden Fleece, Rare Breed & Indigenous Wool Blend, Cashmere, Wool & Silk Blend, Egyptian Cotton, Kapok & Alpaca Blend, Microlution 5000 Airflow Springs, HD 4000 Titanium Alloy Springs, 100% Recyclable Cortec™ Springs

The ultimate in comfort

It genuinely has transformed our sleep and I would not hesitate to recommend a Harrison Spinks bed to anyone.


Beautiful, comfortable new bed

The mattress is lovely, comfortable and luxurious, squashy, which is what I like. With a mattress topper it is like sleeping on a cloud!

Susan Crome


This is the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on - am in heaven. Even better - it is made half an hour away in Leeds.

Lynne McLaughlin

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